Beautiful Sacrifice. Story of Love and War

The world has gone mad. War breaks out between two old adversities. With the creation of artificial islands and bases in the East China Sea, Chinese aggression has gone too far. A tragic miscalculation brings Japan into a state of war with China.


The United States has a huge problem. By treaty, it is committed to defending Japan. But against China? U.S. policy makers disagree as to what to do while the war escalates. To further complicate matters a missile attack on Pearl Harbor is thought to come from North Korean. The U.S. strikes back. 

Gloria Wong and Alex Swift  married and are living in Taipei as the war spreads to Taiwan.  (The story begins in Collateral Damage – Red Flag, offered FREE) Alex, a United States Army veteran, is determined to protect his beautiful, fun loving wife. He vows that no way will the war Gods take Gloria as a beautiful sacrifice.

Beautiful Sacrifice  is a unique war story told from several points of view. Wars are not one big action. They are composed of many battles and individual actions.  Combined across often vast theaters of war, they determine the final outcome. 

The political nature of war and brave individual acts are background to a story of romance and love under difficult circumstances.  Tense and action packed, the technothriller war story features two young lovers determined to survive. Grab a copy of Beautiful Sacrifice today.