Books by Gerald Greene

Follow Genevive as in the Life With a Billionaire series, she transforms from a fresh and naive college graduate into a successful businesswoman.

Genevieve Mercier has a problem. As a recent MBA graduate, she needs a job. She’s offered an amazing opportunity by the billionaire founder of a medical technology company. The problem is Gin is offered a trial position that involves overseas travel. Gin will travel as the personal assistant to the eccentric billionaire. Is the playboy billionaire safe to travel with to Paris? Follow Gin as she discovers what life with a handsome, demanding billionaire is like.
 Gin soon learns that travel on a Gulfstream G650 and staying at five star hotels is standard procedure for her billionaire boss and his assistant. What will she do to earn a permanent ​position featuring a high salary and many benefits? When she graduated from college Gin was naive. She must grow up fast if she wants a permanent position with all the billionaire has to offer.

In the Collateral Damage series, Alex and Gloria suffer the horrors of war, while  building a strong, loving relationship. See the relation grow as they face the invasion of Taiwan by a newly assertive China.

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