Billionaire Undone – The Battle For Genevieve’s Love

Genevieve is in China and romanced by two billionaires. She’s living a lavish  lifestyle, but at what cost? Billionaire Undone takes a good look at her exciting and complicated life in China. Even though she’s fluent in Mandarin Chinese she has a lot to learn about Chinese culture and business practices.

The battle of billionaires doesn’t keep her from her work. Genevieve promotes BloodSave technology across China. She’s a dedicated spokesperson. The new blood testing procedure is much less expensive per test and eliminates human error. She knows her work will save many lives. Her boss, Doctor Novak Hoffman is pleased with her performance and plans to reward her on his trip to Shanghai to attend the BloodSave factory opening.

To expand in China a joint venture partner is required. Two Chinese billionaires are willing partners. One has his eye on Genevieve. That’s a big problem. Genevieve is a one man woman. She’s already become involved with her eccentric, sexy billionaire boss. 

What will Genevieve and Novak do to open business in China? How far will they go? Billionaire Undone features a battle between billionaires. It turns into a war. Who will win? Billionaire Undone was released July 15, 2015. It’s book 5 of the Billionaire Untamed Obsession series.