Billionaire Loves Me. Exciting Conclusion to Billionaire Untamed Obsession Series

Gin and Aruba Have More Excitement  In India Than Wanted.

Gin’s success in developing business for Hoffman Industries continues in India. She’s as passionate as ever in spreading the word about the benefits of the BloodSave technology. Based in New Delhi, she has adventures across India as she develops and expands business. She regrets being so far from Novak, her billionaire boss and lover. It becomes difficult to maintain the romantic relationship acheter cialis 5mg france. Especially when one of the new Hoffman joint venture partners is a young handsome Indian billionaire.

Gin is rewarded for her success by receiving an all expense vacation at one of India’s most exclusive resorts. Aruba goes with her and shares a suite designed for royalty. Everything is great until a picnic outing. The picnic becomes a nightmare as Gin and Aruba become hostages and held for ransom. 

Will Novak come to her rescue? Will Gin escape with her life? The exciting conclusion to the Billionaire Untamed Obsession Series will keep you turning pages as romance, suspense, and action reaches a dramatic climax.

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Billionaire Rules. Never Nag or Whine

Gin learns that with Novak Hoffman the most important Billionaire Rules are never to nag and never ever whine. The behavior of her eccentric billionaire boss and lover often makes those rules difficult to follow.

Gin believes Novak loves her, but knows he sees other women. He’s a handsome billionaire and loves the life of a playboy. Frequent trips give him plenty of opportunities to fool around.

Novak trusted Gin with an important assignment in China. She performed so well, she’s rewarded with another country to develop. India has tremendous potential, but is a challenge. A challenge for business development and her love life. She’ll see Novak only a few weeks a year.

Gin wants to balance business with a normal love life. One offering more than a part time long distance romance. She’s sacrificed her independence to become a successful corporate executive. Is a fast track to wealth worth the sacrifice?

Maintaining a relationship with Novak is difficult. He loves Gin, but still leads the life of a wealthy playboy. Gin begins to wonder if her billionaire romance leads to a dead end. Then she meets Jagdish. Will she fall for this handsome Indian billionaire?

Will Gin find happiness in India? Will she fall in love with another or work things out with her eccentric billionaire lover? Follow Gin as her career skyrockets ever higher. Is her success worth the price? Gin’s education and adventures continue in Billionaire Rules, book 6.  

Billionaire Rules: Released on August 3, 2015.  Gin’s adventures continue. Download now to follow along as she brings BloodSave to the world.

Billionaire Untamed Obsession Series

The Billionaire Untamed Obsession series features a 24 year old woman, Genevieve Mercier, as she transforms from a school girl virgin into a business woman facing difficult choices.  The first book is Billionaire Bargain

After earning an MBA degree, Genevieve accepts a trial position with Hoffman Industries. If her trial goes well, she’ll be offered a high paying position. 

She strongly believes BloodSave, Hoffman’s new product, will have a revolutionary effect on the medical profession. She’s sure new blood testing technology will lower testing costs and save many lives. For Genevieve it’s a dream job. She’d be paid well while marketing a lifesaving technology.

Her first assignment takes her to Paris, France. She discovers her new boss, billionaire Doctor Novak Hoffman, is a charming playboy.     

Traveling on the corporate jet with Novak  is exciting. So are expensive gifts, dining at fantastic restaurants, and first class accommodations. Genevieve becomes nervous when the handsome, sexy billionaire becomes too friendly. Can she keep her position and find a way to curb his advances?

After traveling to Paris, Cannes, and Monaco, it’s off to Beijing and Shanghai to structure a joint venture with Chinese billionaires. One of China’s richest men, a potential business partner, takes an interest in Genevieve. This leads to severe complications.

Genevieve is on the road to personal wealth, but at what cost? The series is set in romantic locations and reveals the lavish lifestyles of billionaires. How does an attractive, talented, but inexperienced young woman do her job while coping with such demanding men? 

The lead book, Billionaire Bargain, is a fun, fast introduction to Genevieve’s education about life in the fast lane.

So far the series develops as follows:

Billionaire Bargain Book 1

Billionaire Untamed Book 2

Billionaire Obsession Book 3

Billionaire Unmasked Book 4

Billionaire Undone  Book 5

Billionaire Rules  Book 6,

Billionaire Loves Me Book 7.

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