Billionaire Unmasked – The Education of Genevieve

24 year old Genevieve has a lot to learn about pleasing a man. Her billionaire boss is keen to give her lessons. She has to make a choice. Give in to his demands or give up her dream job. 

 A business trip to China turns out to be the adventure of a lifetime. Not one, but two billionaires have her in their plans. Not only for business, but pleasure. Her boss, Novak Hoffman, is an American billionaire expanding business into China. Jack Li is one of the richest men in China.

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Billionaire Unmasked

Genevieve travels to Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai as she works in structuring a joint venture with Chinese billionaires. The billionaires are led by the powerful and crafty Doctor Zhang. Can she negotiate a business deal and keep her virtue? Can she resist the advances of two of the world’s richest men?

How does the unmasking of her sexy billionaire boss and his murky past influence her? Will she be able to hold her own in the rough and tumble business world of China? A world where in a heartbeat friends can become competitors and enemies. 

Book four of the Billionaire Untamed Series answers these questions and more. Move into the world of billionaires with this series. Grab Billionaire Unmasked  now. 

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