Terrorism Thriller Series – Vengeance Chapter 9 Anjelique

Jay’s pursuit of Hussien takes him to Istanbul.As Usual Jay mixes business with pleasure. He meets Feyza, a Turkish University Student. He takes her and two girlfriends to Anjelique. 

9. – Anjelique

We arrived at Sultana’s at 21:15. We followed our hostess to a large table. Amazed, but pleased, we settled into seats next to the dance floor. We couldn’t have asked for a better view of the belly dancers.

I said, “Mr. Muhtar mentioned a cousin works here. He must have reserved these seats. We’ll have to thank him.”

Bo said, “We’ve lucky. From the back of the room we wouldn’t see much. We should give Mr. Muhtar thanks and a nice tip.”

The tables were set up banquet style. Each white tablecloth-covered table was long and must seat 50 people. Touristy looking guests occupied most seats. They were busy consuming shish kebab, grilled steak, chicken sauté, and other Turkish delights. Three chairs across from us were empty.

In a few minutes, three ladies rushed in to claim the seats. They were in their early 20’s and speaking Turkish. We couldn’t understand a word, but noticed their appearance. Our interest in young Turkish women soared.
The most attractive of the ladies looked at me, smiled, and then asked in English, “Where’re you from?”

I choked on my piece of shish kebab, took a sip of water, and then said, “Chad and I are Americans. My friend Bo is from Hong Kong. He’s the Chinese guy with the funny hair. We all live in Hong Kong.”

The young lady said, “I like it.”

“What? Where we’re from?”

“No. The funny hair style.It’s cute.”

Bo smiled a huge smile and said, “It’s for good luck. My grandfather wore his the same way.”

Another lady said, “You’re telling the truth? You copied your grandfather? How nice. You should receive a reward.”

“Reward? What do you have in mind?” Bo licked his lips as he thought of the possibilities.

The first lady said to me, “After the belly dancing show, my girlfriends and I want to go to Anjelique. Perhaps you and your friends will take us.”

I said, “Anjelique? What is that?”

“It’s the hottest club in Istanbul,that’s what. You have to see it. It’s fantastic.”

“We don’t even know your names. Why should we take you to an expensive club?”

“My name is Feyza, this is Binnaz, and this is Rezzen. Now you know our names, how can you say no? Don’t you like rewards and surprises?”

Chad said, “It’s tempting. We’ll think about it. For now, let’s relax and watch the show. We came to see the belly dancers.”

Feyza said, “Take us to Anjelique and we’ll give you a private show. We all belly dance.”

Bo said, “Count me in. If you want to go to Anjelique,I’m all for it.”

Chad said, “Better slow down, Bo. Let’s watch the show. Then we’ll see.”

Chad leaned over and whispered, “Think we’re targeted? This seems too good to be true. Too easy a pickup.”

I whispered back, “Something is weird. They like Bo’s hair. Let’s watch the show and go from there.”

The band started playing. The ladies across the table kept smiling at us. It was too easy. These girls looked like models. They were lovely in every way. We can’t be this lucky.

The first of the belly dancers appeared. The band went into frenzy. The dancer responded. How could any human move like that? It was beautiful and strange, the dance woven together in a series of unnatural undulating moves. Each dancer was better than the last. After the last of five dancers performed, I looked across the table. Feyza noticed and smiled.

She said, “How did you like it?”

“Fantastic. A great show.”

“Now you have to make a choice. You can stay around for a modest amount of instruction in belly dancing, or you can take three friendly ladies to Anjelique.”

“What’s so special about Anjelique?”

Feyza gushed, “It’s the best club in Istanbul. That’s what. You’ll love it.”

We crowded into a taxi and headed for Anjelique. I sat up front with Feyza on my lap. Bo and Chad climbed into the back and put arms around a willing Binnaz and Rezzen. I hadn’t been with a woman since China. That seemed so long ago. It was like another life on another planet.

Feyza was an exotic beauty. Her skin was soft and the color of cocoa butter. Dark silky hair cascaded to her tiny waist. Green eyes sparkled like fine emeralds. Full of life and mischief, they focused on my face, making an appraisal. I felt heat, like I was approved as a newly found lover.

She was exciting. My internal alarm system went on code red. A woman like Feyza didn’t just fall into your lap. There had to be a catch.

By the time we reached Anjelique, I was a horny bastard. Feyza acted like a well-behaved affectionate lady, but adorned in a silk dress and wearing no bra, her every little move increased my sexual tension. I wondered if she was wearing panties. My alarm system was still on, but I no longer cared.

Feyza said, “Here we are. Isn’t it a beautiful setting?”

The setting was magnificent. At the top of a hill, overlooking the Bosphorus Strait, the club had a view to die for. Lights from the far shore, and from a parade of passing ships, sparkled on the dark blue water. We arrived a little before midnight to find the club jammed with young, attractive, smartly dressed, happy partying people.

The DJ was playing music that was hypnotic. I thrived on a vibrant Hong Kong club scene, but Anjelique, by any comparison, was a stand out. The interior was posh, chic, exciting, and a blend of Islamic and contemporary design. Feyza took my hand and pulled me to the bar.

“First we drink. Then we dance. Then you might get lucky. Tonight, I want to celebrate. It’s my birthday. I like you. We’ll have a good time.”

End of Chapter nine. Full Book Vengeance

Bonus: Techno Sounds of Anjelique.