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Life With A Billionaire. Discount Price

Life With A Billionaire is the complete set of the Billionaire Untamed Obession Series that has been edited into a 307 page book. The book is offered at a huge discount compared to buying the books separately.

Billionaire Untamed Obsession follows Gin Mercier, a naive 24 year old virgin MBA graduate, as she accepts a challenging position with Hoffman Industries and becomes exposed to an outrageous billionaire’s lifestyle.

The founder and principal shareholder, Dr. Novak Hoffman, an eccentric and handsome playboy billionaire, developed a revolutionary blood testing technology that is a true medical breakthrough. Gin is hired to market the new BloodSave technology to overseas markets. 

As they travel to Paris, Cannes, Monaco and on to Asia her position requires close contact with her boss. Gin is challenged by unwelcome  advances. She is thrilled at the opportunity to develop new business for the company’s revolutionary BloodSave technology, but struggles with the close relationship demanded by Dr. Novak Hoffman.

Gin’s success in developing business earns a promotion and travel to China and India. One of her many benefits is stock options that could make her a millionaire. She loves the high salary and benefits, but worries about changes in moral compass and lifestyle.

How will Gin manage her business challenges and life with a billionaire? Her position involves risk, reward, and sacrifice. Is she prepared to head up the BloodSave project? 

The book has twists and turns that will surprise you. Romance, international business dealings, crime, and thrilling suspense become part of Gin’s exciting life. 

Follow Gin as she attempts to adapt to the lifestyle of billionaires.

Live With A Billionaire tells all.